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Today, smart phones are your remote control for everything. It can notify you to check your cameras, lower the temperature, turn off your lights, lock your door and many more.


Offering you the best products and service to make you home as sustainable & secure as possible. We got it all, that is why we are "your one stop home shop". 

Entertainment: DIRECTV & DIRECTV NOW
Crystal Clear 4K Sports Streaming, On the go streaming on up to five devices DVR on the go with cloud storage​. NFL Sunday Tickets only on DIRECTV.

Sustainability: Nest, Google Home,  Zuritech
Smart Thermostats, IQ Cameras, AI Personal Assistance  all in which you can control and access from anywhere with your fingertips. Use less, save more.


Utility:  Smart tech & Solar Panels

Lowering your monthly utility bill or eliminating your electricity bill for good.

Security:  Home Security Services, Smart Locks.

Providing you with peace of mind for when your are not home. Never leave your
door unlocked again with our smart locks. Maximize security with our programs

which notify you and your local police if anything doesn't seem right.


Please feel free to inquire about any of our services.

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