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Customer Service

Personalized Security

Step: 1 Identify your needs.

What areas do you want to cover? How many cameras do you need? Do you plan on adding any cameras later? You can't view cameras if you don't have enough channels.

Step 2 :  Resolution!

We recommend the highest resolution for the most utility & satisfaction. You will be able to zoom upto 10x & it will still be clear. A higher resolution takes up more storage.

Hover over the picture to see our resolutions.

Step 3 :  Audio

Do you want to hear what is going on? Additional installation, and storage is required.

Step 4 :  Night Vision

Do you want special night vision cameras? How dark is it? How far do you need to see?

Step 5 :  Storage

How far back do you want to go? A week, maybe 2, or do you need a month?