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Customer Service

We offer many options for home safety tailored to fit your needs. Using state of the art equipment,  our licensed specialists are trained to install your brand new security camera properly. We have installed hundreds of security cameras in the tri-state area. We know exactly how to mount the cameras, how to work with low-voltage wiring, and how to use security best practices to your advantage. We even include a free demo of your system.


​Q:  Can I view my camera's on my smartphone?

A:  Depending on the type of camera, but we can surely get you one, all you have to do is ask.

Q:  How long can it store footage?

A:  Picture quality is a factor but most systems record 30+ days.

Q:  Where can I view my footage?

A:  We can connect to any monitor, or any smartphone or tablet connected to the internet.

Q:  How much will it all cost?

A:  We wish it was that simple, every project is different. Just know we will do our best to get you the best price for the best service possible.

Q:  Can you guys just install the camera's and I buy them?

A:  We prefer not to install something we didn't purchase, it may void your warranty with us.

Q:  Do you provide warranty on your installation?

A:  We offer from 3 to 18 months warranty on our installations. (varies by product)


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