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Teacher Appreciation

Beginning July 10, 2020, eligible K-12 teachers, college/university faculty members and instructors, and their families can save 25% off of qualified AT&T unlimited wireless plans.

  • Save up to $35/mo. ($420/yr.) on AT&T Unlimited Starter (for 4 lines)!

  • Save up to $50/mo. ($600/yr.) on AT&T Unlimited Elite (for 4 lines)!


  • K-12 teacher at a public or private school and their families.

  • College/university faculty members or instructors and their families.

  • Forms of verification must be in the account owner's name, show eligible position, and include one or more of the following:

  • State license/certification (for K-12 Teachers)

  • Employee ID

  • Recent paystub (no more than one month old)

  • Employment letter

  • AT&T reserves the right to recertify eligibility.


  • Qualified customer must be the account owner.

  • Discount applies to every line on eligible rate plans.

  • Moving to an ineligible rate plan results in discount removal.

Eligible Plans:

  • Unlimited Starter

  • Unlimited Extra

  • Unlimited Elite

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