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Internet too slow

Updated: May 1

If your internet is too slow, hardwiring an extender can provide several benefits that can improve your internet experience. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring us to hardwire an extender:

  1. Increased speed and stability: Hardwiring an extender can significantly increase the speed and stability of your customer's internet connection. A wired connection provides a more stable and consistent signal than a wireless connection, which can be affected by interference from other devices or walls.

  2. Improved coverage: An extender can help to improve the coverage of your customer's internet connection, allowing them to access the internet from areas of their home or office that were previously out of range.

  3. Better security: A wired connection is more secure than a wireless connection, as it is less vulnerable to hacking or interference. This can be particularly important for businesses that deal with sensitive data.

  4. Future-proofing: By installing a hardwired extender, your customer can future-proof their home or office for the latest technology, such as high-speed internet or streaming services.

  5. Cost-effectiveness: A hardwired extender can be a cost-effective solution for improving internet speed and coverage, especially when compared to the cost of upgrading to a higher-speed internet plan.

At Integrated Home Solutions, we have the expertise and experience to assess your customer's internet needs and recommend the best solution to improve their internet speed and coverage. We can install a hardwired extender that is customized to their unique needs, ensuring that they get the most out of their internet experience.

By hiring us to hardwire an extender, your customer can enjoy faster, more reliable internet, improved coverage, better security, future-proofing, and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today to learn more about our extender installation services and how we can help improve your customer's internet experience.

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