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Get a $250 Visa Reward Card when you switch you phone service.

This is by far one of the greatest phone deals out there and it is exclusively on Integrated Home Solutions. To make it simple we made it a 3 step processes.

  1. Open a new line with us, with your SAME phone number.

  2. Purchase a phone on installment plan.

  3. Redeem after 30-45 days.


  • Must be a new wireless port-in. (switching from another carrier)

  • Must be postpaid voice + data service (minimum $45/month after AutoPay and paperless billing discount).

  • For each new line, customer must purchase a new smartphone on AT&T Next (30 months) or AT&T Next Every Year (24 Months). Down payment may be required.

  • Every new line qualifies; there are no line limits other than Next financing limits.

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