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  • How do I get the $250 VISA Reward Card?
    Great Question! You must qualify & Redeem it. **Requirements: 1. You must port in an existing number. (switch over a number from other carrier) 2. Must get a mobile device on an at&t next or next every year plan. (installment on a device) **Steps to redeem 1. After 30 days of active service, Look out for an email with instructions. 2. Enter the claim number and mailing information. 3. Sign up for Email or text msg. updates to track your cards. **please note it may take upto 3 weeks to recive your rewards** To Redeem visit:
  • Do you charge any interest on installment plans?
    Absolutley not, we offer 0% APR on everything you purchase. A down paymment maybe required depending on consumer credit, or history with our financial insitutions.
  • How much do I have to put down on a device?
    It depends on a couple factors, and there is only one way to find out EXACTLY how much? We have to run an application, depending on your credit report, or your record with our financial institution we are able to get most customers $0 down.
  • What installment plans do you offer on phones?
    At&t Next - Device price divided by 30 months. Upgrade after 80% of device is paid off or 24 months, whichever comes first. At&t with Next up - Device of phone divided by 24 months. Add'lt $5 charge and you are able to upgrade to the next device after 12 months, or when device is 50% paid off, whichever comes first. **Based on $0 down. Down Payment maybe req'.
  • What Protection Plans do you offer? (INSURANCE)
    We offer a couple of different options for you. **Mobile Protection: $8.99/ monthly (covers only 1 device upto 2 claims per year. Standard Declining Deductibles. **Multi Device Proctection: $34.99 (cover multiple devices, Tv's, and Laptops) Standard Declining Deductibles. Declining Deductibles Less than 6 months with no claims - $299.99 6 to 12 months without claims - $225 12+ months without claims - $150.
  • Why do you sell At&t?
    At&t has been selected as America's best network according to GWS, they ran the largest network test nation wide, and At&t came in first. Reliablitly and Speed are our main focus.
  • Are the free phones really free?
    Yes, they are actually free via bill credits. Taxes and Activation fees are required, although the phone is free, a transaction is still occuring, and the state inwhich the purchase is being made must collect taxes. **Taxes are calculated by zipcode. **Activation is a flat $30.00 on the upcoming bill. Explaination: If promised a free phone, the phones must be purchased on a installment plan. An active line of service is required for the device. Credits will be issued to your account monthly. Credits may take 1- 3 months to be applied. If you cancel your service the remaining balance of the decvice will be charged. As long as you remain with active service for the length of the installment plan the device is free.
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